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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  February 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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an explosion takes the life of a father and his young sons. >> new clues about the link to the high-profile disappearance of the children's mother. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> a house explodes, killing three people, and police say it's no accident. the husband of a missing woman, denied custody of their children, takes the law into his own hands. duarte jiraldino has the heartbreaking story. >> reporter: cell phone video shows flames raging at the home after it blew up in washington. inside, police found the bones of the husband and missing sons -- and sons of a missing utah woman. >> the information we've gathered and the actions of josh and how fast this fire burnt, we believe this was intentional.
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>> neighbors say the blast was so strong, it shook their homes. >> it was just surreal. >> you could see the insulation everywhere. so you knew the house had blown up. >> reporter: the house exploded moments after a social worker brought the 7-year-old and 5- year-old for a visit with their father. the house went up inside. >> you have somebody who is hell bent on what he's going to do, which is double homicide of the two boys, you're not going to stop them. >> reporter: powell sent an e- mail saying, quote, i'm sorry, goodbye. a judge denied him custody of his sons wednesday. powell is the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife from their utah home. an attorney for his wife said that the kids started to open up about what happened that night. >> they had been camping. and their mom had been in the trunk and mom and dad went out in the desert and mommy got
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lost. >> reporter: firefighters are trying to piece together what caused the fire in the final moments of the young boys' lives. duarte jiraldino, wjz eyewitness news. >> josh pleaded with the judge to return his children to him. will jared loughner ever be charged for killing six people and critically wounding former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> reporter: right now, a federal judge in san diego is holding a hearing to discuss loughner's mental state. the hearing will determine whether they can continue to force loughner to take appellant psychotic medication. last week, they said he is improving but not ready for trial. loughner is pleading not guilty to 49 charges from the shooting in tucson. six people died. 12 others were hurt, including
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giffords. giffords, who is still recovering from her injury resigned from congress last month. >> loughner is being held at a facility in springfield, missouri. the murder made national, if not international headlines two years ago. right now, jury selection is under way in the murder trial of george huguely. hughuely is convicted of killing his girlfriend yeardley love. >> reporter: 21 months later, the wounds are still deep. the slaying of a classmate with another on trial for murder. >> we feel the pain he has inflicted on our university. >> has left many people eager for answers. >> in many ways, people are bracing themselves for the uncomfortable memories that will be put on the table again. >> reporter: yeardley love was found dead in her apartment, facedown in a pool of blood. the accused killer, her on and
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off again boyfriend, george huguely. both were seniors on the lacrosse teams. their story gripped the campus in sadness and gained national attention. >> it forced us to take a hard look at what the school is doing as far as domestic violence and domestic abuse. >> reporter: on the day of the murder, huguely reportedly went into a drunken rampage. he admitted to police that he kicked in love's bedroom door, shook her and her head repeatedly hit the wall. she died from blunt force trauma. but huguely's attorneys argued that he had no intention to kill. but there were incidents that huguely had previous run-ins with the law, something the university knewing knew nothing about. uva beefed up its security outreach. now, its website requires
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students disclose any previous arrests. >> stay with we'll for -- wjz for complete coverage of the george huguely murder trial. adam may will with a live report at 5:00 and 6:00. a second trial for robert ehrlich's political consultant, julius henson wrapped up for the day. he admits to being behind the phone calls to voters telling them to stay home. but henson's attorney says that the law he is accused of breaking is unconstitutional. wjz is in the courtroom. we'll have more on the trial's first day, coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. trips to the pump are getting more painful. alex demetrick is in the newsroom with tonight's wjz pumpwatch report. nationally, gas prices have gone up nearly 20 cents in the last month. and they're not expected to come down any time soon. there is not normally a price
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increase in the spring. but experts say the cost for a gallon of gas could increase by 60 cents. here in maryland, it's $3.52 a gallon for regular unleaded gas. the same gallon cost $3.26 last month. gas prices haven't been this high since the thanksgiving holiday. >> we're all noticing. thank you, alex. gas prices in western u.s. states could hit $4 a gallon by the first of may. ocean city could soon start cracking down on noise. the town council is scheduled to vote tonight on an ordinance that would toughen up the noise restrictions. if the ordinance passes, ocean city police officers will be in charge of enforcement. violators will be warned, then cited, then could be arrested. jack frost visited maryland this morning. if you hadn't noticed. but the sun melted away any sign that he was here. it's sunny on another mild
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february day. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers. and i was scraping ice off the car this morning, bern. >> yes. but it is amazing how beautiful it is again this afternoon. ask this is the dead -- and this is the dead of winter. we have warmed up so nicely. we are in the 40s and 50s for most of us. already in baltimore, 53 degrees. we've got 50 in elkton. 51 even out in cumberland. so these are way above average once again. and we will have your forecast coming up. mary? >> all right, thank you. we're going to go to kristy breslin now for a look at traffic control, and a look at our roads. hi, kristy. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. of course, a couple of things to look out on the beltway. 70 to security boulevard. the north side of the inner loop, minor slowdown there as you make your approach to harford road. then traffic picks right back up again. as far as accidents go, we have plenty of them. harford road at taylor avenue. wilkens at the beltway.
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lynch road at north boundary. eastern avenue at south patterson park. and also moravia road at moravia park drive. you can see, not a bad drive for you. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online for your free consultation. back to you. diamond jubilee tributes are pouring in from around the world for queen elizabeth ii. she's marking 60 years on the throne, serving great britain. tina kraus reports from london. >> reporter: crowds cheered for queen elizabeth on this 60th anniversary of her reign. well wishers gave showers and gifts and shared a moment with her personal history. the anniversary of the queen's queen's succession is usually
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remembered privately since it was the day her father died. but this day, she chose to mark it publicly. she visited school children and in one setup, they set up a royal laundry for the queen. students performed a show about the monarch's six decades on the throne. the royal cavalry put on a much bigger show with a 41- then a 62-gun salute. >> reporter: we're still four months away from the more lavish celebrations to mark the queen's diamond jubilee. parades, pageants and a concert here at the palace are scheduled for june when the weather will be warmer. >> queen elizabeth will be queen 25 years. she is the second longest- raining behind queen victoria, who sat on the throne 63 years. queen elizabeth called this a special year and vowed to
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continue serving the british people for years to come. >> queen elizabeth's elizabeth's reign has spanned 12 british prime ministers, 12 presidents and six popes. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. suffer from sleep apnea? a new solution coming up in healthwatch. police say they were prepared. so why did this riot get out of hand in massachusetts? not just soda and snacks. what a vending machine is selling at one pennsylvania university. and a mild winter weather is here for another day. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating your first warning forecast.
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an emotional day in court, as survivors of the norway massacre come face to face with the man who tried to kill them.
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andres breivik reportedly smirked before he told the court he decided a metal for the attack. he went on a shooting spree at a youth camp, killing 70 people. some of the survivors were on hand for the killing. >> it was very important to me because i needed to get closer. just to realize that i am never able to do anything like that ever again. >> briefic has conness ifed to both attacks. a disappointing loss to the giants in the super bowl. some new england patriots fans take their frustration to the streets. about 1500 students rioted at the university of massachusetts amherst. police in riot gear set off flash-bangs to disperse the crowds. several people were arrested. three people are lucky to be alive, after the plane they were on crashes into a house in
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montana. there's no word on what exactly caused the plane to go down. but the people inside suffered only small cuts and bruises. luckily no one inside the home was hurt either. in today's healthwatch, more than 10 million americans suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. that's when your air way is blocked during sleep. manuel gallegus reports for wjz, now a new robotic surgery is helping people rest again. >> reporter: judy oder wald finally has the energy to read, without falling asleep. >> now when i go to bed, i have to fight to go to sleep. where the other time, i would just hit the pillow and that would be it. >> reporter: oder wald was always tired because like millions of americans, she suffered from obstructive sleep apnea. her airway closed up her airway during sleep. causing her to snore and wake up hundreds of times during the night. now a new surgery is bringing
4:16 pm
relief to oderwald and many others. >> that tissue was compressing the whole airway. >> reporter: surgeon jeffrey awn was going through the house, cutting out excess lymphoid tissue. until now, it was a difficult place to reach with human hands. >> this is really an amazing technology that boosts the ability of the surgeon. >> robotic surgery is fairly common in the operating room these days, but few doctors in the world are using it to treat sleep apnea. >> reporter: dr. on says it is only for people who have tried everything else, from a breathing mask to surgeries. judy said because of the robotic surgery, she's finally getting good sleep. >> it's just a new outlook on life. >> reporter: and her newfound
4:17 pm
energy also helped her lose 30 pounds. >> most people just dismiss sleep apnea as snoring but doctors say it can be serious and can lead to serious health problems. big gains on wall street? all right now all of the markets are down, but not dramatically. the dow is down 17. s&p is off a point. and nasdaq down 4. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. investors are a possible greek default. greece's prime minister lucas poppa demos is preparing for a greek bankruptcy and exit from the euro zone. greece has failed to reach an agreement with its creditors that would allow it to get more bailout loans. and union workers have called for a 24-hour general strike for tuesday. the iphone 4s led a 55% jump in global shipment in
4:18 pm
smart phones last quarter. demand is increasing as prices come down. in fact, one out of every three phones shipped last year was a smart phone. netflix is about to get competition. verizon and red box are planning to launch a streaming video. it will be available on multiple platforms, including smart phones, tablets and tvs. and eli manning may have scored both on and off the field. advertising experts say manning's big win over the patriots yesterday will make him even more valuable as a pitch man for companies looking to cash in on the super bowl star. sports says manning earned $7 million in endorsement deals. now they say that amount could easily double. for more, head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. police in australia get caught up in a situation that they hadn't been trained for. take a look, as officers try to
4:19 pm
chase down a goat. as you can see, they had a hard time. in fact, it took them hours hours to finally nab a goat they dubbed houdini. >> the poor thing. probably scared to death. >> i know. >> man. it needed to be corralled. >> i had no idea goats were that fast. >> when people are throwing things at it. i mean, we could go on for the whole rest of our newscast. >> we'll check back in with houdini in a minute or two. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. misplaced headstones and bodies in the wrong graves. what winning -- congress is doing for more than 130 military cemeteries. a typical day on the job turns into a nightmare for a construction worker. another day of unseasonably warm temperatures. stick around for your first- warning weather forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first
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look at that go gorgeous, glorious sunshine. >> nice out there. >> have to take a deep breath. >> it is wonderful. >> and we got that little taste of winter over the weekend. but sunshine back out today. and we're back in the 50s. so we're going to start out with temperatures and show you this. so far, today, we have topped out at 53 degrees. 10 degrees above average. and that is where we have spent most of this winter so far. even at this hour, we're still coming in at 53. and look at all of the 50s across the maps. 51 even out in cumberland. a little cooler along the water. and east is a little inland. we know that. a little cooler as we head down toward the eastern shore. and along the water in eastern city. show you a range of upper 40 toss low 50s this afternoon. southwest wind is bringing in milder air. and will again so tomorrow. take a look to the southwest this. is where we're pulling from. there is very mild air. even 83 degrees in miami. got into the 70s in parts of
4:24 pm
georgia. and that generally was moving in our direction. but you also notice behind that, there is colder air. and that's going to factor into the forecast. we have a storm in between that and there's not a whole lot to it. that storm will move our way wednesday. tonight, patchy clouds now. then we focus on the wednesday storm. and it's really going to weaken as it moves our way. and there's not much to begin with. rain or snow showers are possible. because that colder air is going to come in to play temporarily. the second half of the week we're back up to around 50 degrees. here's the storms. maybe clouds out of it for tonight. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. then here comes the storm wednesday. not a whole lot to this one. rain or showers are possible with it as the cold air gets in with it. back up into the upper 40s by friday. back up to 50 degrees. out on the water, we have light winds out there. going down to 32 degrees. then tomorrow, we are back up
4:25 pm
to 55 degrees. partly to mostly sunny skies. the mild weather continues. and even when we take a little bit of a hit with our front coming through on wednesday, we're still only going down into the 40s before we go right back up again. so it's pretty incredible. that stretch continues. >> it is. >> i don't even know what to say. >> you know what's interesting, even though we got snow, we'll show you temperatures. we were still above average. even with snow. >> all right. thanks, bern. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's a new episode of hawaii 5- 0, then stay tuned to eyewitness news at 11:00 here on wjz. and behind closed doors. the captain's crippled costa concordia remains under arrest. norovirus outbreak. three dozen hit. final results are in for
4:26 pm
the latest presidential caucus. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29. 53 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> republican candidates are turning their attention to colorado and minnesota. as those states prepare to hold caucuses tomorrow. this coming after a big win for mitt rom romney. >> reporter: a small crowd cheered as newt gingrich took the stage. the former house speaker needs a strong showing in the caucuses in colorado and minnesota tuesday. >> he's not a bad person, per se. buyer he's also not a person who goes in there with force
4:30 pm
and will and fundamentally changes things. >> reporter: monday, a prominent tea party leader said that gingrich's campaign is sinking fast and that he needs to shake up his staff and fast. rick santorum is seeing opportunities to grab gingrich's supporters. he is saying he is the true conservative alternative to mitt romney. >> i think tuesday is going to be a good day for us. that's going to help hopefully reset the race a little bit. >> reporter: ron paul is also counting on caucus states where he has a strong organization, but it didn't help him much in mef nev, where he finish -- nevada, where he finished third. but a new washington post poll has him trailing by six points in a head-to-head matchup with president obama. romney insists he can handle the economy better than the president. >> i'm afraid that based on the
4:31 pm
president's own standard, he has failed. he does not deserve a second term. romney still needs to secure more delegates to win in los angeles. edward lawrence, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, along with caucuses in colorado and colorado, missouri is holding a primary tuesday. there are no delegates at stake in that contest. the scandal making news again on capitol hill. now, congress wants to know why no official charges have been filed in the case. >> reporter: well, vic, that scandal led to big changes but has resulted in no criminal charges. during a recent hearing, house members say they want to see someone held accountable for problems exposed by whistle- blowers. in 2003, workers had evidence of remains being buried in the wrong graves and incomplete burial records. a result led to the ousting of the cemetery's top two schedules. >> army officials say they have completed a complete investigation into the matter but say the decision on whether
4:32 pm
to charge those officials now arrests with the justice department. a u.s. marine is set to go on trial, for allegedly hazing a comrade, who allegedly committed a suicide. sergeant hahns is charged with humiliating and demeaning lance corporal lou. they say he and several others punched and kick the lou after he fell asleep on watch duty. lou killed himself in april. another one was sentenced to 30 days in jail and demoted. former panama dictator manuel noriega is recovering from a possible stroke. he was taken from prison to a hospital in panama city sunday. there's no word on his present condition. he is serving a 20-year sentence for ordering a political murder. he has spent the last 20 years serving time in the u.s. and france for drug trafficking. he's accused of causing the
4:33 pm
worst cruise ship disaster in history. but, the former captain of thea -- the costa concordia may be out on house arrest. >> reporter: an attorney asked the judge to release him on bail. the captain is charged with manslaughter and abandoning ship for leaving the costa concordia, moment afers it ran aground in giglio. at least 16 passengers were killed when the ship flooded and rolled onto its side. many say there was widespread confusion after the crash and some were even told to return to their home. prosecutors want him taken off house arrest. they ask the court to take him back to jail until his trial. a decision is expected later this week. >> italian newspapers are reporting that prosecutors could seek eight years in prison for each passenger schettino left board. it was a nightmare for dozens of people on board a
4:34 pm
florida-based cruise line. more than 100 people came down with norovirus, just hours into the week-long journey. >> reporter: most of the thousands of passengers aboard the ruby princess loved every moment of their seven-day caribbean cruise. >> great. first cruise. had a great time. loved it. >> reporter: but for jack chen and his wife, this luxury vacation was a nightmare. >> we got sick. >> chen, his wife, and others were quarantined for the second day in the trip. they were sick with norovirus. it was misery on the high seas. >> my symptoms. i just have, vomiting. my wife got vomiting and diaria. >> reporter: chen said the medical staff basically ignored their needs and ordered them shut in. >> they want us to go back in the state room and wait for their call. and then we told them we are waiting in the state room for seven hours. nobody call us.
4:35 pm
nobody sees us. >> reporter: they were quarantined for six or seven days. that wouldn't be very pleasant. but for the rest of us, everything was handled very well. >> reporter: passengers say the crew constantly wiped the ship down and reminded them to use hand sanitizer. and they made big changes in the cafeterias. >> everything was taken off the tables, the salt condiments. and sweeteners. we weren't allowed to touch anything. >> we no longer were being served buffets. we were not allowed to touch anything. >> another passenger returned to port with nearly 100 sick passengers. and a third is also being disinfected. the passenger is facing theft and fraud charges. woodrow was charged over the weekend after a year-long investigation. prosecutors say he submitted false tax returns for three straight years but wouldn't say if the charge is related to his church.
4:36 pm
if convicted, he could face more than 20 years in prison. he'll be arraigned february 21st. police in hagerstown say a crowd waiting for the valley mall to open got unruly. about 100 shoppers were waiting for a store to open to buy nike's foam posit sneakers. some say they had waited overnight. and others waited in line. police escorted a few shoppers in at a time. nobody was arrested. hard to hate mondays with a winter weather like this. the sun warmed things up again quite nicely. wjz has weather and traffic. and bob has the updated numbers. >> a little winter this weekend. some areas, western carroll county, western harris county. got an inch to inch and a half of a little snow. by 9:00 at night, nothing was gone. nothing on the radar. may be something coming on wednesday. but for the time being, very quiet. take a look at temperatures driving around the region. we got another warm afternoon.
4:37 pm
53 right now. 48 ocean city. 52 in cumberland. and 51 over in washington. tomorrow, another warm day ahead of a front. now, that front will bring some chillier temperatures for wednesday. just really for one day. but tomorrow, back up in the low to mid-50s again. on wednesday, with that front, maybe a few rain showers, maybe a few snowflakes mixed in, mainly across extreme northern sections of our region. vic? >> thank you. let's check in on the roads now with kristy breslin, wjz traffic control. as far as the beltway goes, the noargth side inner loop, you will still slow down there as you make your approach to harford road. no improvement on the west side inner loop, sluggish around to security boulevard. a couple of new accidents to report around the timonium area. also, west timonium road at greenspring drive. other accidents include southbound richie highway. east 33rd at greenmount avenue. and moravia park road, at
4:38 pm
moravia park drive. as far as drive times go, 50 miles an hour average. and 12 minutes to get through. let's now take a live look. as you can see, not a bad drive for you there. south of the key bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by the auto show. introducing the 2012 baltimore motor trend, international auto show. it's coming to the convention center, friday the 9th through sunday the 12th. you can get all of the details and ticket information at baltimore auto show. back to you. thousands of people gather in taiwan today, as the country celebrates its annual lantern festival. thousands flock to city hall square in taipei. this year's theme is year of the dragon in the zodiac. this is celebrated on the 15t day of the first month in the lunar calendar. >> intricate, too. very pretty. >> beautiful. straight ahead. red box and verizon. the deal the two will soon offer to customers. 19 americans are facing
4:39 pm
criminal charges in egypt. clear skies and milder temperatures today. will tomorrow be as nice? blan mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote.
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at least three people are dead and a dozen more hurt, after a factory collapses in pakistan. it happened after a gas explosion inside the three- story building. officials say 17 women and 45 men were working inside when it collapsed. three were killed but the death toll is expected to rise. emergency crews are still working to pull any survivors from the rubble. government buildings and schools are closed after a deadly earthquake in the philippines. the magnitude 6.7 quake hit the central island of neg rows. at -- negroes. at first, a tsunami alert was issued. but it has since been lifted. president obama is threatening to hold back aid to
4:43 pm
egypt. tara mergener reports, it is because the country is charging a dozen americans with funding violent protests. >> reporter: egyptian protests ran from tear gas cannisters. police have been firing on crowds, taking to the streets near tahrir square. the demonstrators are demanding military leaders hand over power to a government. they have now charged 43 international workers with using foreign money to encourage uprisings like this one. 19 of them are americans, including sam lahood. charles dunne is another american charged. he's living in washington, working for a group called freedom house. he insists his organization was not using his money to encourage protests. >> i'm very worried about the future of the country, when they're shuting down egyptian and american ngos that are involved after all, with trying to do the things that the military says it wants to.
4:44 pm
>> the state is pushing leaders to drop the charges and allow americans still there to return home. secretary of state hillary clinton warned, if it doesn't happen, egypt could lose more than $1 billion in aid. >> reporter: president obama's top aides say he's spoken directly with the top egyptian general, insisting the americans were not doing anything wrong. >> these institutions have been over there for a number of years. they're all over the country promoting democracy. >> reporter: but egyptian military leaders say they can't interfere with cases going through the country's judicial system. at the state department, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> the top elections official in egypt announced the process of electing a new egyptian president will happen sooner than originally planned. >> a pennsylvania university is offering students the morning after pill at vending machines. students at shippensberg university can now walk into the health center and get plan
4:45 pm
b, the emergency contraception from a vending machine. the university did a survey, with more than 70% of the student body supporting the idea. the school does not profit for it. they pay $25 for one dose. and so do the students. teacher arrested last week for lewd acts against children. >> this is about the children. >> parents say school leaders should have known about the allegations against the teachers sooner. the school will be closed tomorrow and wednesday to, quote, take a break. last week, one was accused of taking bondage pictures of children. the search continues tonight for a teenager who disappeared from her coffee stand. jessica kartalija has more. >> reporter: 18-year-old samantha koenig was last seen at work in anchorage. she worked at the common grounds espresso stand. police have been looking for her since thursday. she was scheduled to close the
4:46 pm
store wednesday night. but when a coworker got there to open thursday morning, the shop was left open and all the money was misses. they believe she was kidnapped. >> this showed a video of a pan who appeared to be armed and was leaving with a stranger. a teenager slips off a rock and falls 200 feet. a group of people heard the call and called 911. the teen suffered serious injuries but is lucky to be alive. terrifying moments for a snowboarder in colorado, when a sudden avalanche comes down. this is near the snake river drainage in mont zume a. the snowboarder reported the air bag. she said it felt like riding down the mountain on a mattress. a construction worker is lucky to be alive tonight after a nail gun fired a nail into a skull.
4:47 pm
james sciewgle has more from minnesota. >> i'm lucky. >> jeff lutack isn't silent. especially when he believes his fate was bound to be different. >> i thought i was going to die in that basement. that's what it felt like. >> reporter: he was in the basement. his partner lowered him down. jeff hit the trigger. he believes the safety was unlocked. >> when i turned up, it shot me straight down, right -- missing the ball of my cap by a quarter inch. >> the nail lodged in his head. nearly the entire thing, almost 3 inches. >> all i could think about was my wife and kids. what they were going to do. >> he started crying. he said, i just got shot in the head with a nail gun. >> reporter: jeff's wife met him at the local hospital. then he was flown to st. joseph's hospital in st. paul. >> this is a delicate operation. >> it went through the scalp, through the skull and directly
4:48 pm
into the brain. >> one can see the nail coming right down through the largest and most concordant vein, carrying all the blood flow. >> reporter: by keeping the nail in, jeff kept the blood inside his brain and helped save his life. >> reporter: this is the nail. >> reporter: doctors also repaired the damaged vein. >> he's one lucky fellow and he had someone watching out for him. >> lucky to be alive. >> reporter: jeff had a lot of time to think about the accident that changed has life and why he knowledges he survived that frightful february day. >> my time, i don't think, was there. >> and that was james sciewgle reporting. doctors say they expect jeff to plaque a full recovery. if you need a passport, it will now cost you more money. the application fee is jumping from $55 to $70. with a 100% increase. in addition to those fees, the state department will now charge $82. up from zero. to add new pages to a passport.
4:49 pm
the department said that fee is needed to offset the cost of the pages. verizon wireless is teaming up with red box to take on netflix. they have reached a deal to create a zoo streaming service. the two companies plan to launch the service in the second half of the year. they plan to offer subscription services and more. and will be available on multiple platforms like smart phones, tablets and tvs. professional football players, were one of the only ones taking the field. animal planet is one of the ones taking this. these guys took the field. the fans got to meet them, too. this year's puppy mvp award went to jake the chug. he's half chihuahua. half pug. >> i'm glad i kept my daughters,a way from seeing that show. or we would have more of our menagerie. will you need a heavy jacket or a light coat tomorrow? >> bob has the updated first warning fo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:50 pm
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live look outside right now. beautiful, beautiful day. i think that's the dam. >> yeah. >> right there. >> yeah. look at that. >> kind of -- we're looking straight at it. >> beautiful day. couldn't believe it. >> we've had some of this water. the dams are in good shape. the weather has been unbelievable. had a little winter weather this weekend. but that's about history. now, this week, wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, maybe for a few hours. maybe a little rain and snow shower activities possible. temperatures will still be above freezing. take a look at temps now. beautiful afternoon. 53. dew points way down. humidity is only 29%. southwest winds at 8. the barometer holding steady. right now, 39 the cool spot. oakland, 50, 53. 48 closer to the water. and easton and ocean city. locally, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. very pleasant. 53, 27. frosty morning. 43.
4:54 pm
remember, the average high now is only 43. 25, the average low. the record, 72 at 2008. one at 1895. right now, it's that southwest wind that continues to bring in this mild air. tomorrow, more of a west/southwest wind. another mild day on tap. now, there is a front up across southern canada. there is some chilly air behind it. we'll cool down temporarily on wednesday. wednesday night, a little thursday. and we go back up again. and then over the weekend, another front expected to come down, may actually be cold this weekend. temperatures may be in the upper 30s. this weekend. or feel like february. this has actually been kind of a tropical depression sort of thing. really in south florida. had a lot of rain on the east coast. it's moving off to the east. a little in february. our part of the world. clouds in the south carolinas. beautiful clear skies. tomorrow, with a front approaching from the northwest, we'll see at least sunny to partly sunny skies. it will still be very mild.
4:55 pm
then wednesday, the front coming through. maybe a little rain. maybe a little rain-snow mixture. particularly to the north. see how cold it gets aloft. just like we saw this weekend. temperatures stayed above freezing. but it was just cold enough aloft for some of that snow to reach to the ground. it will get colder on wednesday. at least temporarily. that's about it. northwest winds on the day. 5 to 10 knots. bay temp, around 41, still. sunrise, 7:09. beautiful day. sets at 5:33. tonight, clear and for the most part, maybe a few high-end clouds. down to 32. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and warmer again. 55 degrees. so far this winter, since december 1st, has averaged 43 degrees. this is the 12th warmest winter ever since 1870. >> wow. >> that's pretty substantial. >> seems like it should be even higher than that. >> well, you've had chilly nights. clear skies. but 40 degrees. that's 7 or 8 degrees above
4:56 pm
what we had the whole winter period. >> no complaints. >> none. justice for yeardley love. i'm adam may. as the murder trial gets around way. a look at how this college plan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. >> killed while away at college. i'm adam may, two maryland families, thrust into the spotlight, as a murder trial gets under way. a live report from the university of virginia coming up. mayhem at the mall. i'm mike hellgren, in
4:59 pm
hagerstown. the sale that caused an evacuation and frenzy here. and why it's happening at other places in maryland. gas prices shooting up. what's behind the steep increase. and is there any relief in sight? >> check in for more on these stories. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. murdered at college. yeardley love's accused killer goes on trial. >> wjz is in the courtroom, following the case capturing national attention. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> the trial begins for a maryland native, charged with killing a promising student from baltimore county. the crime near the university of virginia campus ma


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